Teeth Whitening Tips For A Much Happier You!


There are quite a few teeth whitening tips that can help you have a happier and healthier smile. How can you make sure you’re using the right products or working with the right dentist? This advice will help you figure that out and more.

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Figure Out The Culprits


There are many things to blame for teeth that are not white. You may smoke, drink red wine, or even eat different foods that cause you to have teeth coloration issues. If you cannot avoid these types of things, you need to at least brush your teeth after consuming them. One way to keep your teeth whiter is to have an apple nearby that you can eat after consuming something that is known to stain teeth.


Do You Have Baking Soda?


Get some baking soda from the store and you’ll have a cleaner that serves more than just its purpose as a home cleaner. The compound is what is known as an abrasive, and that allows for it to remove stains that are difficult to deal with. It shouldn’t be used too often, however, due to the fact that it can end up eating away at the enamel of your teeth.

A lot of people don’t think that brushing their tongue does much, but many dentists have said that it’s a great way to eradicate stain causing bacteria. When you don’t brush your tongue there can be a lot of bacteria buildup that is then redistributed to your teeth, so use a soft bristled tooth brush on your tongue.


Rinse After You Eat Citrus


A lot of great fruits contain vitamin C that is extremely good for you like oranges, limes, or lemons. However, the citrus in these fruits can cause you to have citric acid come into contact with your teeth, causing the enamel to be eroded. Why is that something that causes problems? The enamel is not easily stained, so when it is worn off then your teeth are more at risk for staining. Always rinse your mouth out after you eat anything containing citric acid.

Did you know that fluoride can cause you to stain your teeth a brown or yellow color. That’s why you want to check into a no-fluoride toothpaste. After using it for a while you will notice its effects, and it can be used after you drink coffee or have anything that stains teeth for the best results. Of course, brushing and flossing are both things that you need to do a couple of times a day. Many people in the world don’t floss often enough, which leaves things in your mouth that then spread around and discolor teeth.

These teeth whitening tips should get you to a point where you’re not likely to stain your teeth any longer. There are methods of whitening that your dentist can help you with if you wish to get help that way. All in all it comes down to treating your teeth well because you only have adult teeth once!


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