5 Great Dental Tips for 2016


The year is almost over and I thought that it would be appropriate to share some great dental tips for the upcoming year. Remember, proper dental care is not that hard to achieve. Be proactive and give your teeth the treatment that they deserve. A healthy smile will make for a happy and healthy you. Follow these tips and you will be in great shape for 2016!

5 Dental Tips:

  1. Use a soft toothbrush.
  2. Floss gently and regularly.
  3. Brush at least twice a day and not right after meals.
  4. Don’t smoke or chew hard candies.
  5. See your dentist at least twice a year.

Here is a video explaining each in detail.

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Invisalign or Braces? Finding a Solution for Out of Place Teeth


Invisalign or Braces?

Now more than ever before, people are concerned with their appearance. The popularity of cell phones and other mobile devices that can instantly take a digital photo means that more pictures are being taken today than the past, and many of them are shared on social media, where they live on forever. If you have alignment issues with your teeth, this can make for an awkward, and even embarrassing situation at times. You should look at your options for Invisalign and traditional braces to determine which is best for your situation.

Each of these choices has pros and cons that you will have to weigh out against your ultimate goals regarding teeth alignment. One of the reasons that many patients choose Invisalign is because it is created with clear materials, which means it is less likely to be noticed by others. This aesthetically pleasing choice can be great for adults who are having dental work done but need a more natural looking smile for work and social situations.

The Invisalign treatment is a good choice for repairing and correcting simple issues with misalignment. It involves wearing a computer generated tray around the clock that covers all of the teeth. The majority of them require replacement trays every couple of weeks, though there are some designed to last longer. These trays may require being affixed to the natural teeth so that they do not shift over the months that it is being worn. One of the benefits of Invisalign is that it does not alter speech patterns.

However, if your dental issues are more complicated, or you want the work done faster, you may want to choose braces instead. These involve having a small piece of metal, known as a bracket, affixed to each of the teeth. Then, wires are used to connect them. The wires are tightened regularly, and pull the teeth in the direction they need to go. Over time, you will find that your teeth are lining up more naturally.

Among the advantages to using traditional style braces is that they work more quickly than Invisalign at correcting your smile and your bite. The materials used today are far more advanced than those used a couple of decades ago. Most alignment issues can be corrected in far less time thanks to these modern materials that have been developed in the technological sector to improve other areas of life.

You do not have to resign yourself to having misaligned teeth or a bite that is unhealthy for you. You can look into Invisalign and traditionally styled braces to decide which will help you to achieve your goals in making your mouth healthier and more attractive. Once you have investigated each of your options, you can discuss them with your dental team and make a decision together based upon what your desires are, the budget you have and the recommendations of the dental professionals who are helping you to create a fabulous smile!



The Best Celebrity Smiles in Hollywood


It seems that being a celebrity and having a great smile often go hand-in-hand. After all, these faces are enlarged on the big screen, printed in magazines, and even painted on massive billboards. It’s important that their smiles are always white and always look great. Getting and keeping that celebrity smile isn’t always easy.

Keeping a celebrity smile takes a lot of work and dedication. They have to build an extensive oral health care routine and then stick to the plan each and every day. If you’re interested in getting your own celebrity smile, fret not. Here are some of the best celebrity smiles and then a few pointers for how to get your own.

The Best Celebrity Smiles.

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Justin Bieber is a great example of a celebrity smile. His teeth are straight, clean, and always white. There’s very little gum poking out from under his lip, which helps add to that adolescence appeal. His teeth are sure to change as he grows older, but as long as he keeps caring for them, they’ll continue to look great.


justin bieber smile


Lena Dunham has done it all. She’s a writer, a painter, a producer, and an actress. She’s also well known for having a beautiful, white smile. Lena loves to smile and laugh. Most of her pictures show off her teeth. Her two front teeth are large and dominant, but that doesn’t stop them from shining. She’s also here to prove that you don’t need to have a perfectly straight smile to have a beautiful smile.


lena dunham smile

Usher. Just look at him. Enough said.


usher smile     


Julia Roberts, the Pretty Woman herself, has an absolutely gorgeous smile. You can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside when she shows off her pearly whites.


julia roberts smile


Finally, Beau Brooks, the eldest brother in the YouTube famous Aussie group, The Janoskians. His smile is pretty dreamy I must say. Whoever was Beau Brooks dentist, must have done a really great job.

beau brooks smile

Getting Your Own Celebrity Smile.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a celebrity smile. You just have to take care of your teeth on a regular basis. That means no neglecting brushing, flossing, dentist visits, or any of the other essentials. Some of these celebrities probably spend as much time brushing their teeth as they do on screen. Okay, maybe not that much, but still enough to ensure there’s no remaining residue or food particles left in the teeth.

You should brush after every meal. The sooner you brush after the meal the better. The longer food has to remain in the mouth the more time it has to damage the enamel. By brushing after a meal you reduce the likelihood of decay and other unwanted oral problems.

Some of these celebrities also rely on cosmetic dentistry to fix their imperfections. There’s nothing wrong with visiting a great Los Angeles dentist if your oral hygiene routine doesn’t seem to be making enough difference.


Where You Can Find The Best Dentists In Los Angeles


There are quite a few dentists and orthodontists in Los Angeles, so it can be difficult to determine who will be your best bet to get assistance from. That’s okay, however, because these pieces of advice can be utilized to get you into touch with the right people for the job.

Do You Have A Dental Plan?

There are a lot of varying dental plans, and it can be difficult to figure out which one will meet your needs the most. Understanding your plan is of utmost importance, because if you have one that you are not fully utilizing it is pretty much a waste of your money to pay into each month. You probably will have to make a co payment, for instance, and you need to know what that will be so that when you visit the dental office you know what to bring with you.

Never waste the benefits that your plan offers to you. Preventative and diagnostic services are what people use the most, and they are great because it can keep you from having to deal with dental issues that may go unnoticed otherwise. An in-network dentist is probably your best bet to work with to get care from, because they will be covered by your plan.

How To Learn More About Dentists

Reviews are a fantastic way to gain some insight into how a dental office operates. Many great review websites can be found online. To find out what your options are you can just search for the name of the office along with the word reviews. Avoid older reviews because you want to know what the current status of how the company is in the way they deal with their customers.

Don’t Delay!

You will find there to be problems that need to be cared for right away, especially if you are in pain. A tooth that is infected can cause a ton of pain and needs to be cared for before the infection spreads. Cracked teeth can also hurt and need to be fixed quickly. To learn about what your emergency service options are you can either contact your insurance provider or talk to your dentist to see if they have any way to get with you after office hours.

Your last resort in a bad situation is to visit the hospital. The main thing that they can do is if you have an infection, you can get started on antibiotics and pain medications. This will keep an infection from spreading to other parts of your body. Without help with a bad infection, it could hurt you enough to end in death and so go to the ER if the problem can’t be cared for by a dentist at that time.

Cosmetic Dentists and orthodontists in Los Angeles are now something you should be more well versed in finding. A great number of them exist and are there to help you look and feel your best. By using what you have learned above, you are capable of getting the proper assistance with any problems.


Teeth Whitening Tips For A Much Happier You!


There are quite a few teeth whitening tips that can help you have a happier and healthier smile. How can you make sure you’re using the right products or working with the right dentist? This advice will help you figure that out and more.

teeth white2

Figure Out The Culprits


There are many things to blame for teeth that are not white. You may smoke, drink red wine, or even eat different foods that cause you to have teeth coloration issues. If you cannot avoid these types of things, you need to at least brush your teeth after consuming them. One way to keep your teeth whiter is to have an apple nearby that you can eat after consuming something that is known to stain teeth.


Do You Have Baking Soda?


Get some baking soda from the store and you’ll have a cleaner that serves more than just its purpose as a home cleaner. The compound is what is known as an abrasive, and that allows for it to remove stains that are difficult to deal with. It shouldn’t be used too often, however, due to the fact that it can end up eating away at the enamel of your teeth.

A lot of people don’t think that brushing their tongue does much, but many dentists have said that it’s a great way to eradicate stain causing bacteria. When you don’t brush your tongue there can be a lot of bacteria buildup that is then redistributed to your teeth, so use a soft bristled tooth brush on your tongue.


Rinse After You Eat Citrus


A lot of great fruits contain vitamin C that is extremely good for you like oranges, limes, or lemons. However, the citrus in these fruits can cause you to have citric acid come into contact with your teeth, causing the enamel to be eroded. Why is that something that causes problems? The enamel is not easily stained, so when it is worn off then your teeth are more at risk for staining. Always rinse your mouth out after you eat anything containing citric acid.

Did you know that fluoride can cause you to stain your teeth a brown or yellow color. That’s why you want to check into a no-fluoride toothpaste. After using it for a while you will notice its effects, and it can be used after you drink coffee or have anything that stains teeth for the best results. Of course, brushing and flossing are both things that you need to do a couple of times a day. Many people in the world don’t floss often enough, which leaves things in your mouth that then spread around and discolor teeth.

These teeth whitening tips should get you to a point where you’re not likely to stain your teeth any longer. There are methods of whitening that your dentist can help you with if you wish to get help that way. All in all it comes down to treating your teeth well because you only have adult teeth once!


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